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"Tis in my memory lock'd, and you yourself should keep the key of it."

-William Shakespeare

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THe SITE is the official site of an upcoming feature film, Black Bouquet, a Mystery/Thriller produced by Flixseed Productions LLC. 

The site was designed so fans and future filmmakers alike can follow the moviemaking process from development all the way through the release of the film. It features a weekly blog from director/producer Nino Aldi, who provides updates on the film’s progress, explanations on the steps he is taking, and descriptions of both his setbacks and triumphs. 

As the film advances, the site will include behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with key cast and crew, and other interactive material specific to the project.

Take a look around and check back frequently to see if you can crack the code of the notorious serial killer Jacob Gilroy and solve the mystery that is Black Bouquet.


Copyright   Flixseed Productions LLC. 2007

Copyright Flixseed Productions LLC. 2007


The story...

In the late 1990s, serial killer Jacob Gilroy marches into a small-town Minnesota police department and proudly displays a stack of bloodied Polaroid photos depicting his victims’ mangled corpses. His action triggers a decades-long investigation into his murders and motives, one that ultimately sees him sentenced to death. A week before his execution, though, young reporter Samantha Smith sets out to prove that a recent murder is connected to Gilroy and that, in fact, he has been covering for this mystery killer all along. The chase against time becomes a high-stakes chess match where the hunters are also the hunted and few people can be trusted. Full of suspense, twists, and a shocking finale, Black Bouquet is a satisfying mystery / thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.



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